An evening with Charly Cox

There really isn't anything better than an evening with a close friend, laughing, drinking cocktails and consuming enough food that probably could have easily fed a family of four . 

Saturday night was one of those evenings, I spent the evening with Charly and it was wonderful.

We started the evening at Cha Cha Moon's on Ganton Street in Central London to test out a couple of their cocktails, which went down far too quickly. 

We figured that the given pace the cocktails were going down we should probably order some food if we wanted to make it past 9 o clock in the evening. 

First up were the prawn crackers with sweet chilli dipping sauce...

Shortly followed by an array of sharing platters. I always find sharing platters a good option because despite a reluctance to share food, you do get to taste a large variety of the menu which is very helpful given how indecisive I am choosing my meals. 

The first platter consisted of steamed and deep fried dumplings, I personally preferred the steamed ones, but the spring rolls were delicious too.

Next up was the meat sharing platter...

Which comes with Chinese buns, pickled vegetables and lots of sauces, to add that personal touch to your own. 

Charly very kindly demonstrated how to build your buns so you know exactly how to do it when you next encounter them.

Slather on a generous helping of whichever sauce you so desire...

Choose your preferred meat, in this case Charly chose shredded duck.

Then add your pickled vegetables... 

And now for the best bit, sink your teeth in to that soft, doughy bun and EAT!

Having eaten far too much food and after agreeing that the platters were definitely meant for more than just two people we slowly rolled our way out of the restaurant and onto our next stop of the evening. 

This next stop was a little higher off the ground, 31 floors higher to be precise. At Zinc Member's bar at the top of the Centre Point building.

With a great company you don't need to be in a great place to have fun, so despite the awkward school disco atmosphere, we cheers'ed away and got on with the evening, trying subtly to mix potions like school children, with the foul tasting cocktails we'd somehow managed to order. 

Whilst the views were undeniably stunning, not much can be said about the rest of it, definitely give this place a miss if it's ever on the agenda!