Hot Yoga

My mum is a qualified yoga instructor and having grown up with her taking classes in our dining room every Monday evening for the last ten years or so I've always, secretly, wanted to give it a go. 

Obviously in my mid-teenage years I would never have admitted I could possibly be interested by something either of my parents were good at or knew anything about. No no, I was far too cool for that.

However, fortunately for them, and myself, I grew up and realised that just maybe I may actually share an interest or two with them, I am half of each after all. 

Yoga is one of those interests and over the last year or so I have allowed my mum to teach me a couple of classes, she's actually pretty good in my completely biased opinion. Being an adult now, I can admit and appreciate that without having to have the truth prized from my adolescent, surly and hormonal self.

I'm not a huge fan of the ohm-y chanting side to yoga, if anything I sometimes find it quite amusing watching and listening to people in those types of classes, but then again that is just my opinion, if you're into that then you go right ahead. 
I like yoga that is challenging, yoga that makes me feel as though I've worked and stretched every muscle in my body whilst also clearing my mind, without stepping foot in a gym. 

When Bikram yoga started to kick off in the UK it further sparked my pursuit to become a flexible, harem-pants-wearing, yogi. Not only does it get your heart-rate up but one of the claimed benefits of hot yoga is that the heat allows you to carry out positions in more depth due to the warmth of your muscles.

It was on this pursuit that Bikram Yoga Chiswick came into my life. I like starting my Sunday's with a relaxing lie in, some form of activity whether it be run, gym or in this case hot yoga, followed by brunch. 

So before going out and enjoying the beautiful weather in London this past Sunday, I immersed myself in an hour and a half intense session of Bikram yoga and a rather large pool of sweat. 
It's certainly not for the light hearted or headed, for that matter.

Whilst I wanted to give up an hour and ten minutes in, get in a shower and drink enough water that could have filled a swimming pool, I felt amazing when the hour and a half came around. Rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the rest of the day. 

The teaching at Bikram Yoga Chiswick was really great, help was offered to anyone who needed it to ensure every person in the class was achieving each position to the best of their ability. I'd highly recommend it to any Bikram virgins or even those of you who are more experienced. Just be sure you have enough water, and a towel. 

I can't wait to get back into that hot, sweaty room for another session of flushing out my toxins into a puddle around my feet. 
It's certainly not glamourous but it's well worth the red-flushed cheeks and post-shower look hair.

And with that attractive image in your heads I shall leave you.